The “Cat Phase”

There was a “Cat phase” in our lives and magically that time period corresponded with the healing powers that my father had discovered within himself and was exploring the avenues for the expansion of his soul through his healing services. 

That was the time there were cats and more cats of all colors and personalities that entered our lives and homes seemingly from “nowhere”. My dad had had a below-knee amputation of his right lower limb due to a medical “accident” and was confined to his bed for many months.  It was during those times that the cats would literally walk all over him. Especially lie down on the stump end on his amputated limb and ease his pain and soothe him to sleep. 

It was around that time that my dad started feeling the flow of “energy” through his body in a tangible form. And then he realized that as and when he would have a passing thought “ I wish this discomfort would leave me or this pain would get better sooner”, invariably one of the cats – whity, dinesh,blackie, cutie or the “unnamed ones” would rub their torso on his leg and settle down comfortably on some part of his body, usually on one of his legs. Needless to say, he would fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed after his deep relaxed cat-like slumber. Free from any pain or discomfort. 

He owed the miraculous extension of his life-span to the Energy infused into him by these wonderful beings who read his deepest Intentions for wholeness and well-being and responded in perfect sync to the same.

They were his inspiration to start exploring the healing energies flowing through him , initially though self-healing as he kept his hands on various parts of his body and channeled energy fro himself and then remote healing for my mother using the power of his intentions and then completely healing our next-door neighbour who came to him with his medical reports showing bleeding peptic ulcer. The post -healing endoscopy showed the complete disappearance of the ulcers . Complete healing in 10 days. 

Then there was this steady flow of patients from house-holds in our street who would line-up for his healing sessions. He became a house-hold name in our neighbourhood as “THE Healer” .  While I was the 'doctor”.In the process of healing the patients , he forgot that he was a patient too. With his new-found enthusiasm he continued to provide his healing services for free , over many years. 

Being trained as a medical doctor from the second best medical college in the country, whenever I would come home from my medical college hostel to visit him, I watched with amazement , the healing miracles that was unfolding on a daily basis right in front of me . 

And the stories of healing that his “patients” shared with me left me speechless. And curious , interested and baffled. All at once. 

“You can do this too”. He said to me one day. “He held my palms for a few minutes with closed eyes and then placed his palms over my head and blessed me. “You can start now” he said . “ Keep both your palms on my back, covering the areas of my lungs at the back” , “and , close your eyes and simply connect with what you are FEELING beneath your palms”. I could feel the warm, tingling flow of energy flowing through my palms into his body. That was my “Initiation” and my father was my first patient in my new adventure in the realm of healing. And there was no looking back after that. I was hooked. For life.

“These cats sense my intentions and energies amazingly” he smiled with delight and told me one day. “And they show me where I need to place my palms on them for healing them!”, he exclaimed . I still do not know if it was the cats healing him or he healing the cats . It was ONE stream of Energy flow. 

When he passed on a few years later , all the cats showed up , surrounded his body like a ritual and went out and sat “vigil” at the gate.  Words cannot explain the “out of the world” scene that was unfolding in front of us. Perfect “strangers” where walking in and out of our home paying their last respects to my father. Each had a story to share how he had healed not only their physical illness, but also their souls . The cats simply sat there . Completely oblivious to the stream of humans assembled there.

Once his last journey to the crematorium commenced, as he was carried away from home, one by one the cats walked in and sat in and around where his body had been lying earlier. A few days after this , most of the cats simply “disappeared” ! Except for fluffy, cutie and blackie. Many times I wondered if the cats that had disappeared did so because I had left them unnamed ! 

Our journey with the rest of the cats continued for a few years till we had to move to a new place to the outskirts. Since cutie and blackie had just delivered kittens, we “handed them over” reluctantly to our cousins who lived in the same street.

We decided to take Fluffy with us to our new home in the outskirts and just when I was trying to opne the door of our new home and fumbling to find the right key, he jumped out of my hands and disappeared into the near-by mango grove ! We tried searching for him but could not locate him . We “lost” him.

As we slowly settled in our new homes, a few short weeks later my mother saw a cat walking on the compound wall in the backyard. “Fluffy” ! My mom exclaimed with delight ! Myself and my brother ran out to grab him, but he ran again and jumped into a neighboring compound wall.  Into the campus of a software company – Infosys. At least once a month we would be graced with an appearance from him as he walked across our compound wall making royal strides ! He was healthy, plump, happy with his beautiful, soft tail raised in the air . I had named him Fluffy because of his tail that was so “Fluffed up” almost always. He would pause, look at us and then walk away. Did he remember us at all ? We wondered . And , why was he running away from us in such a strange manner ? At that point in time, we did not know the answer. 

A few weeks later , Brownie entered our lives. In retrospect, maybe fluffy “knew” the sequence of events that was going to unfold in our lives – The entry of the first dog in our home. 

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